Establishing Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

Establishing Epilepsy Monitoring Unit:

The Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) is a particular patient unit used to check on, diagnose, and test adults and children who suffer from epileptic seizures. The unit consists of a team of highly qualified and trained specialists who hold internationally accredited certificates in treating epilepsy seizures.

Experienced technologists monitor patients 24 hours a day and perform neurological tests for treatment. In addition, our skilled EEG technologists are proficient in observing patients’ seizures. Based on how the patient's condition is diagnosed, physicians will provide suitable treatment. Neurology Solutions offers to establish EMU in compliance with international, technical, and clinical standards, utilizing the latest necessary equipment with the support from our most skillful physicians and technologists. Neurology Solutions has a group of skilled physicians and specialists who possess high levels of experience and training.