About us

Neuroscience practitioners who focus on delivering cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic services.

Our Mission

To be among the regional leaders in the neurology diagnostic and therapeutic services industry.

Our Vision

In Neurology Solutions, we thrive for optimum and high quality neurodiagnostic services by introducing healthcare operational models led by competent expertise and utilizing up-to-date technologies, artificial intelligence, and Value Based healthcare models.

What do we do ?
  • Operation of Neuroscience Facilities
  • Neuroscience Consultation Services
  • Neuroscience Training Services
About Neurology Solutions

Good Services And Better
Health By Our Specialists

The Neurology Solutions company recognize the importance of providing comprehensive services in neurology. We are a variety of Neuroscience practitioners who focus on delivering cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic services. Neurology Solutions is among the first regional establishments that provide specialized neuro diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to healthcare service providers. It provides operational services with ensuring the quality of care and operational feasibility, with a plethora of globally recognized specialists. Neurology Solutions aims to bridge the gap in medical services and provide practical solutions to healthcare organizations. The Neurology solutions provides comprehensive in-patient neurology and stroke services, consultation services, epilepsy and intra-operative monitoring, Botox therapy as well as different neurophysiologic procedures such as electroencephalograms, evoked potentials, nerve conduction studies, repetitive nerve stimulation and electromyography studies. Specialized clinics include neuromuscular diseases, epilepsy, movement disorders, multiple sclerosis and stroke clinics.

Aiming to demolish the variations in the quality of services delivered to patients based on scientific national /international standards, we are working on providing consistent diagnostic and therapeutic services. We are offering the necessary workforce to reduce the gap in the capacity and capability, operational and diagnostic services require a consistent approach that is based on internationally accepted protocols, calibrated equipment, and well-trained healthcare practitioners. In alignment with the national vision of Saudi Arabia 2030, we also aim to offer a solution to contain the national healthcare public expenditure by offering competitive pricing to healthcare providers.